Because of the “dangerous situation” that arises, city Councilwoman Rochelle “Rikki” Spector has introduced a bill to crack down on people who stand along street shoulders or medians to solicit money from motorists at red lights. But not everyone who does that. She’s not targeting fire departments, charities, youth sports teams, or rose sellers.

In fact, she said she would add enough exceptions to her bill to allow those groups to continue on, effectively targeting only individual panhandlers, whose roadside solicitations — one would have to believe — are somehow uniquely dangerous.

Assuming this bill gets squashed — either by an ethically-minded city council, or legal action from the ACLU — its proposal could be a positive thing, as it encourages each of us to take a moment and wonder why we reserve our most righteous annoyance for the most needy of panhandlers.

(And homeless take note: ditch the hand drawn cardboard sign, pick up a plastic bucket, and don’t say it’s for food. Say it’s for team uniforms.)