Counterfeiting in Ocean City

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On the 3100 block of St. Paul Street in Charles Village, most businesses no longer accept $100 bills, due to a spree of counterfeit notes that hit the block last winter. The policy has not affected me one bit, and I imagine it’s uncommon that even a wealthier customer is inconvenienced by it.

Ocean City’s boardwalk just got hit with their own wave of counterfeit bills. This time the perpetrators are trying to pass phony twenties—a denomination that would be a little harder to refuse to accept. The good news is only one out of the four reported fakes made it past the cashier.

By the way, have you ever wondered how counterfeit bills get made? Typically, a real bill is bleached and then reprinted as a higher denomination. I guess that beats my method of counterfeiting: using a sharpie to draw an extra zero on a ten.

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