We’re sure that you’ve heard the adage of making your home a sanctuary. An oasis. A haven. The truth is, a home is much more than a space to store our belongings. If the past five months we’ve been spending a lot more time at home has taught us anything, it’s that our homes are much more enjoyable to be in when they reflect our personal lifestyle and taste, a space that prioritizes elegance and comfort over clutter and disorganization.

Funny enough, quarantine was when most of us surely noticed aspects of our home we may never have before. Windows too small, outdated cabinetry and clutter that has unknowingly piled up. Not to mention, a lack of a home office space, a luxury quite relevant now more than ever! Maybe we’re just now realizing our backyards are far underutilized or uncultivated, or our dining room or kitchen table are not the best makeshift office space. Now that we are actually spending more time at home than we have in the past, we may not even have a decent space outside to enjoy the remaining warmer months.

In such stressful times as these, a space to reset and rejuvenate—ultimately, a space that is pleasing to the eye and mind—will make all the difference in our overall happiness. If we’re stuck at home, we want our home to be a place we are more-than-happy to be stuck in.

Finding Sanctuary in Fairy Tale Features

One of the greatest features to incorporate into your home are floor-to-ceiling windows.

A vessel for letting the light shine in, expansive windows allow light to drape our interior like a luxurious cashmere blanket. If you’re feeling cramped in your home and crave some openness, windows do the job of carrying the eye further. A view of the outside world is astonishingly good at mediating feelings of restlessness and making your space look larger. Opening your windows invites fresh air into the home, a natural remedy for stir-crazy restlessness.

Large windows are elegant, regal, even practical, and help us find sanctuary in sunlight. They truly breathe life into the home!

An Oasis in Outdoor Spaces

We’ve heard time and time again—combat boredom and stir craziness by getting outside! Get the most out of your yard space by manifesting the oasis of your dreams: a backyard that feels like a vacation spot and a place you want to be.

A picturesque pool house, a flourishing backyard garden, maybe a patio that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Curating a backyard that you love can take your mind off of the burden of quarantine and turn it towards what is really important in life.

In these remaining warm months, consider what your backyard lacks and jot down a list of what your dream oasis requires. A backyard that is remodeled to perfection can be used and loved long after this pandemic is behind us.

Creating a Haven with the Little Details

A shift in your interiors is like a shift in mindset.

If you’re currently working from home, consider the little changes you can make to prevent work mode and home life from overlapping. If your current home office consists of a makeshift desk on your kitchen counter, consider taking the time to invest in building that office space you have desperately needed since COVID-19 first hit. Finally tackle the spare room that has sat collecting unused clutter, and transform it into a functional home office. If you already have an office space, consider giving it a little TLC. Larger windows, a fresh remodel or even a custom desk or built-ins can work wonders for your focus and mental health. No matter your style or needs, make your home office a place where creativity flows and productivity can flourish.

Outside of your office and work life, small tweaks really make a space in more ways than one. Upgraded cabinetry can ignite the old passion you had for making healthy, home-cooked meals in your kitchen. Tackle that outdated bathroom with little-to-no storage and consider the benefits of a spacious vanity. Many of us are not stuck at home alone; upgrading your den or game room can foster the family bonding time you need.

Don’t forget the cosmetics! Warm, yellow lighting can create the cozy “hygge” feel your home may be missing right now. Swapping out harsh white light for a softer glow is a simple yet effective solution for stir craziness and can transform your space from uninviting to “no place I’d rather be.” These small tweaks are like pieces of a puzzle; and once they all come together, your home will come together as a completed work of art.

We may be spending more time inside, but your space can be both beautiful and functional. At Delbert Adams Construction Group, our lives revolve around building and remodeling dream homes (and building them from the ground up) and curating interiors that remind us of why our homes are worth investing in. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s okay to be a homebody. Let DACG help you rethink your spaces, inside and out, for the perfect form and function combination. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your dream home a reality.