The Baltimore County Public Schools Board decided to fire its internal school system auditor. Image credit: Kristen Mosbrucker.

A Maryland State Senator chastised five members of the Baltimore County School Board for not voting on the contract of the school system’s chief auditor, which led to her termination.

There were six votes in favor to renew auditor Andrea Barr’s contract but she needed seven votes. Five members of the board either abstained or recused themselves from voting without explanation.

State Sen. Charles Sydnor told the school board Tuesday night that declining to cast a vote on Barr with no further discussion was unconscionable.

“If a member recuses themselves or abstains, I believe they owe an explanation on the record as to why they have not voted yay or nay,” Sydnor, a Democrat who represents Baltimore County in District 44 said.

“I’m disappointed that board members did not give Ms. Barr nor their constituents the courtesy of an up or down vote,” he said. “These votes affect peoples’ lives.”

When the board voted May 17 on Barr’s contract, members Russ Kuehn and Lily Rowe recused themselves while Kathleen Causey, Lisa Mack and Chair Julie Henn abstained, leaving only six members to vote. That doomed the contract’s renewal.

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