A self-described “simple housewife in Baltimore” is picking a fight with both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.


Earlier this month, Pikesville resident Susan Tannenholz posted a comment on the CNN Situation Room‘s Facebook page, accusing the current Republican front-runner of throwing a Trumper Tantrum.

The phrase had a mellifluous ring to it, and the next thing you know, Ted Cruz himself was using the phrase to impugn Trump after his petulant reaction to losing the Iowa caucus. The phrase was soon CNN’s word of the day, and spawned a whole bunch of memes. “Then, the Donald himself threatened to trademark the phrase.

Tanenholz was irked to discover Cruz taking credit for a work she believes she coined. “If Donald Trump wants to Trademark ‘Trumper Tantrum,’ perhaps you can forward him my contact info,” Tanenholz told Forbes. That’s… not exactly how trademarks work. But still, kudos to Tanenholz for her clever wordplay. Maybe she can parlay it into a campaign job during the next election cycle….