Dan Deacon. Photo by Josh Sisk.

Last night, Baltimore’s Dan Deacon put the finishing touches on an album’s worth of mashups — tracks made from blending several songs together — and threw it on SoundCloud for free. It’s called Wish Book Vol 1, and Deacon says it was pieced together during long treks on his veggie-powered school bus, on which he’s been touring in support of America.

Deacon was looking “to make something fun and light” to contrast with his most recent album, and it certainly is that. Where America was at times dark and politically serious, Wish Book is a bit of danceable ear candy — a bright, energetic mix of the likes of Grimes, Psy, Beach House, Lightning Bolt, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex, Devo, and about 20 other artists you don’t necessarily think of together.

Get the album on SoundCloud.