Third graders at Powhatan Elementary.
Third graders at Powhatan Elementary.

Third graders at Powhatan Elementary School in Baltimore County gained firsthand experience this week in learning where food comes from and how good fresh foods tastes. As part of Days of Taste, a program developed by the American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), Classic Catering Chef Vickie Barkley taught students about using all five senses to compare foods and to recognize the four basic tastes – sour, salty, bitter and sweet. During the teaching lesson, students sampled fresh arugula, red grapes, lemon slices and parmigiano-reggiano to get their senses going.


Days of Taste is a three-day program that takes place in public schools across the country over a three-week period in the spring and fall. It is provided at no cost to the schools that participate. The first day focuses on using all five senses to sample and compare diverse foods. The second day includes a visit to a local farm where students see how vegetables are grown and then prepared for delivery to the market. The third day brings it all together as students make their own farm-fresh salad and vinaigrette dressing guided by a professional chef, using many of the vegetables seen at the farm and balancing sour, salty, bitter and sweet ingredients.

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