DC Considers Instituting 24-Hour Wait Period For Tattoos, Piercings

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I can’t say I regret any of my tattoos, exactly, but I’m not sure if I’d have ended up with all five of them if I’d had to wait 24 hours between deciding to get one and actually getting inked. Apparently the DC Department of Health thinks that’s a good thing; they want to make District residents wait a full day before getting tattooed or pierced. As Gawker points out, that’s a stricter regulation than some gun laws!

For years, body modification was unregulated in DC — meaning that anyone with or without a license could set up shop and stick needles into anyone they wanted (minors included). Since the nation’s capital began regulating the industry last year, they’ve gotten a little rule-happy; whereas minors can get inked with a parent’s permission, DC prohibits the tattooing of minors.

If the DC policy is implemented, eager and impatient DC residents who want to be tattooed might have to trek up to Baltimore to get tattoos or piercings without having to wait. Good thing we’ll have that weekend MARC service soon… And if any of you Baltimore residents want to celebrate our city’s freedom of body modification, may I suggest some of these Baltimore-themed tattoos as inspiration?

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