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A Maryland-Themed Bar is Opening in DC

via Free State/Facebook

In DC, there are many ways to explore other places without venturing beyond the Beltway. Now, bar-goers can even go to Maryland.

300 Men March Walks to DC to Denounce Violence

Photo of the march in progress via @RectorSun
Photo of the march in progress via @RectorSun

By the time you read this, the participants in the 300 Men March will be almost all the way to the White House–and their feet will likely be aching. That’s because they’ve been walking since last evening, making their way to the nation’s capital by foot. Why? To protest against violence, and the apathy that often results from such violence. “People expect the murder rate to go away by sitting on the couch,” the group’s founder Munir Bahar told the Baltimore Sun. “If it’s business as usual, it’s murders as usual.”

Road Trip Alert: “Ocean” of 1 Million Plastic Balls in DC Museum

Photo via the Washingtonian
Photo via the Washingtonian

The beach is great–except for all the sand, sunburns, and shark attacks. You risk none of those things if you instead take the MARC train to DC to visit the National Building Museum‘s “beach” this summer. That’s because the ocean in question is actually made of 1 million clear plastic balls–you know, like the ball pits that little kids play in, except way more adult, and way huger. Seriously: it’s so deep that you can’t even touch the bottom.

Pizza Provides Crucial Clue in DC Murder Case



Like many people, I’ve been following as details emerge about a horrible murder of a prominent D.C. couple, their young son, and their housekeeper last week.

Ezio Manzini Book Signing at MICA – Design, When Everybody Designs


1622154_354353001415542_7148238553449848778_nIn a changing world, everyone designs. Each individual person and each collective subject – from enterprises to institutions, from communities to cities and regions – must define and enhance a life project. In this framework, Ezio Manzini’s new book distinguishes between “diffuse design” (performed by everybody) and “expert design” (performed by those who have been trained as designers) and maps what the latter can do to trigger and support meaningful social changes.

Look Out, House of Cards — Your Baltimore is Showing

Photo via Reddit/daveaflav
Photo via Reddit/daveaflav

Overall, House of Cards does a pretty good job of dressing up Baltimore to look like DC. (Usually they just fill the screen with lots of extras wearing suits and polished shoes, and that does the trick.) But one savvy viewer noticed a major mess-up in one episode. Check out the still image above — does that look like the DC skyline to you?

The mistake is extra-egregious since anyone who’s been on a field trip to our nation’s capital knows that District buildings aren’t allowed to tower over the Capitol Building, which is why there are no skyscrapers in downtown DC. Oops…

I Know You’re Sick of Voting, but This Is Important



In an effort to upstage Election Day, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo announced yesterday that the name of the new female giant panda cub is being put to a vote.

There are five Mandarin names to choose from, nominated by “U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke and family, PRC Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai, National Zoo giant panda keepers, Wolong giant panda keepers (where she will move when she turns four years old) and the Friends of the National Zoo.”

Here they are:

DC Considers Instituting 24-Hour Wait Period For Tattoos, Piercings



I can’t say I regret any of my tattoos, exactly, but I’m not sure if I’d have ended up with all five of them if I’d had to wait 24 hours between deciding to get one and actually getting inked. Apparently the DC Department of Health thinks that’s a good thing; they want to make District residents wait a full day before getting tattooed or pierced. As Gawker points out, that’s a stricter regulation than some gun laws!

Baby Panda Paternity Revealed!


Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

On this episode of Fawning over the National Zoo’s New Baby Panda, we reveal the cub’s biological father!

First off, let me tell you that Mei Xiang’s little bundle is a girl, and she’s “healthy and active.” But the big news is that a paternity test has revealed the Zoo’s male panda Tian Tian to be the dad!

I wish I could show you video of Tian Tian’s dumbfounded reaction to the news. Just minutes earlier he was going on about how the new baby “couldn’t be mine; she doesn’t even look like me.” Then he dropped this bombshell: “Look, here’s the deal: everyone at the Zoo says I’m sexually incompetent.” The crowd audibly gasped!

Otakon Ditches Baltimore for DC Because Our Convention Center is a Mess

Photo by Flickr user Baltimore Lauren

There’s no room for debate:  Otakon is a good thing for Baltimore. If you like anime, it brings you a host of likeminded folks from around the country; if you like people watching, it brings you thousands of characters in various elaborate costumes for your gawking pleasure; if you like money, you can rest satisfied knowing that the conference boosts the city’s economy by millions of dollars. (And Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” always gets a little more compelling during Otakon season.) Well, enjoy it while you can — Otakon just announced that it’ll be moving to DC, in part because “the Baltimore Convention Center has not aged gracefully,” according to organizers.