Baby Panda Paternity Revealed!

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Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

On this episode of Fawning over the National Zoo’s New Baby Panda, we reveal the cub’s biological father!

First off, let me tell you that Mei Xiang’s little bundle is a girl, and she’s “healthy and active.” But the big news is that a paternity test has revealed the Zoo’s male panda Tian Tian to be the dad!

I wish I could show you video of Tian Tian’s dumbfounded reaction to the news. Just minutes earlier he was going on about how the new baby “couldn’t be mine; she doesn’t even look like me.” Then he dropped this bombshell: “Look, here’s the deal: everyone at the Zoo says I’m sexually incompetent.” The crowd audibly gasped!

What Tian Tian didn’t know was that the cub was conceived through artificial insemination. Another shockwave coursed through our studio audience!

After his initial disbelief, Tian Tian is taking the news in stride. He says he could “get used to fatherhood.” And this confirmation of his virility has been a boost to his confidence.


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