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Goucher Creates Partnership with the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Folklife Festival | Photo by Walter Larrimore, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution

Goucher has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution to develop educational curricula for the M.A. in Cultural Sustainability program. Educational opportunities are likely to include internships, field schools, residencies, certificates, and courses developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in Washington, DC. Students will learn through hands-on training and explore multiple perspectives and approaches to the discipline, experiential learning is expected to be a key theme of the academic partnership. Learn more Goucher’s partnership with the Smithsonian.

Smithsonian to Feature Devin Allen’s Photography in Exhibition Opening in May

“Untitled,” by Devin Allen, via Smithsonian

Devin Allen’s iconic photos of Baltimore are making their way into an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s newest museum.

Baltimore Artist Amy Sherald Wins National Portrait Gallery Competition

Ms. Everything, by Amy Sherald (courtesy Smithsonian)

A Baltimore artist was the winner of a national competition that focused on themes of race, sexual identity, gender.

New Smithsonian Museum Will Archive Baltimore Protest History

A rendering of the future Museum of African American History & Culture, being built on the National Mall in DC
A rendering of the future Museum of African American History & Culture, being built on the National Mall in DC

This is a historic time for Baltimore–and historians are paying attention.

National Zoo to Exclude 99 Percent of Known Living Species


National Zoo

Bye-bye grasshoppers. Bye-bye giant clams. Bye-bye ants. Bye-bye coral. Wait, coral are animals?! Oh, if only there were an exhibit at the National Zoo that could teach me about such creatures. Unfortunately, the zoo has made the “very difficult decision” to permanently close its invertebrate house on Sunday.

Faced with $5 million in necessary upgrades in addition to a $1 million annual operating budget, the National Zoo deemed the exhibit unsustainable.

This Week in Research: Saving Endangered Horses & Predicting Alzheimer’s Years in Advance



Przewalski’s horse is a short, stocky equine species that looks vaguely prehistoric, like the kind of animal you can imagine a caveman riding. The species went extinct in  the wild in the 1960s, and there are fewer than 2,000 left in the world today. But University of Maryland grad and reproductive biologist Budhan Pukazhenthi is trying to change that–one horse urine sample at a time.

Baby Panda Paternity Revealed!


Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

On this episode of Fawning over the National Zoo’s New Baby Panda, we reveal the cub’s biological father!

First off, let me tell you that Mei Xiang’s little bundle is a girl, and she’s “healthy and active.” But the big news is that a paternity test has revealed the Zoo’s male panda Tian Tian to be the dad!

I wish I could show you video of Tian Tian’s dumbfounded reaction to the news. Just minutes earlier he was going on about how the new baby “couldn’t be mine; she doesn’t even look like me.” Then he dropped this bombshell: “Look, here’s the deal: everyone at the Zoo says I’m sexually incompetent.” The crowd audibly gasped!