National Zoo to Exclude 99 Percent of Known Living Species

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National Zoo

Bye-bye grasshoppers. Bye-bye giant clams. Bye-bye ants. Bye-bye coral. Wait, coral are animals?! Oh, if only there were an exhibit at the National Zoo that could teach me about such creatures. Unfortunately, the zoo has made the “very difficult decision” to permanently close its invertebrate house on Sunday.

Faced with $5 million in necessary upgrades in addition to a $1 million annual operating budget, the National Zoo deemed the exhibit unsustainable.

Some of the invertebrates (which account for 99 percent of known species) will be taken to other zoos. Others will be moved to a future Hall of Biodiversity at the National Zoo. Invertebrates with short lifespans will be kept where they are until they die of natural causes.

The zoo says that it will not lay off any full-time staff.

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