Pizza Provides Crucial Clue in DC Murder Case

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Like many people, I’ve been following as details emerge about a horrible murder of a prominent D.C. couple, their young son, and their housekeeper last week.

The details about what happened in the Savopoulos house are still unclear, although we know how the case ended: With all four victims dead, their house on fire, their car stolen and then set on fire as well. This week, police announced a major break in the case–using DNA from a pizza crust left at the scene of the crime, they identified a 34-year-old Maryland man as a suspect in the murders.

Daron Dylon Wint, who at one point worked for one of Savopoulos’s companies and has an extensive criminal record, is wanted for first-degree murder; police believe he’s headed to New York. Let’s hope he continues to make stupid mistakes so the cops get him soon.

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