No One Outside of Baltimore Should Be Allowed to Eat Berger Cookies

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First, Baltimore’s beloved fudge-topped cookie pillows expanded to D.C., and found a bunch of snobs: “Is this cosmopolitan region really ready to embrace a cookie that admittedly looks as if its fudge creme topping was slapped on by 5-year-olds hopped up on Mountain Dew?,” Andrew Reiner wrote in the Washington Post. Hmph. And it gets worse from there.

This week, the Huffington Post trekked to Lexington Market, where they treat the cookie as if it’s some sort of elusive foodie trophy, painstakingly documenting every bite in a ridiculous slideshow when everyone knows you’re just supposed to scarf those things down. Plus, they keep referring to them as “Bergers” cookies. “If you’re a cookie lover who loves a super sweet shot of fudge, you won’t care,” the Huffpo writes. “Just eat them.” We could’ve told you that a long time ago.

This all proves that people outside of Baltimore don’t have the right spirit for the Berger Cookie. Maybe this is one delicacy (yes, delicacy!) that should stay locals-only for now.

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  1. I have 10 pounds (literally) of Berger cookies in my possession right now and I’m not sharing the with anyone…especially anyone outside of Baltimore!

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