Here’s an idea…Remember the tree you lovingly picked from the litter, planted in a carefully fertilized hole and covered in yards of mulch last year? The one that you or your golf playing partner then forgot to water, or that just shriveled up and died for no good reason? Well, it ain’t over yet.

Go (right now) to Home Depot, grab a can of spray paint – must be a wildly bright color – fuschia,  neon orange,  Yves Kline Blue – NOT taupe because taupe is not, repeat, not ART and will not get noticed. Nice if it goes with the mailbox, though.

Now this is going to be BIG, so absolutely do it soon. The idea is to be the first on your block, not the third or fourth, because then it’s “oh no, not another painted tree …”. One has already been spotted at the Roland Park Library, around the south corner. It’s a trend, moving our way.

Actually, it looks great – and it will save a fortune on that bronze animal statue you  were thinking about ….

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