Deadspin Hires Lip Reader to Decipher Harbaugh Harangue

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Photo courtesy Deadspin
Photo courtesy Deadspin

Our friends over at Deadspin were curious, as we were, about what normally cool, calm and collected Coach John Harbaugh had to say to the stadium official who seemed to be updating him on the status of the bizarre power outage.  The website hired a lip reader to translate what was said.  The Super Bowl winning coach has admitted he “way overreacted.”

“It was the one thing I look back on in the game and I am disappointed in myself about, because I didn’t have very much poise in that moment,” said Harbaugh in a press conference today.  Apparently, the power on the 49ers’ side of the field was still in use and the team’s coaching staff was able to engage in sideline-to-booth communication, while the Ravens’ staff could not.

The transcript, below:

Harbaugh: You want me to, you want me to keep my coordinator down here and then go back up?

Gray Suit: [response]

Harbaugh: Come on, that’s just bull****, once again. But once again, you just f****** switch again. You f****** switch again, even though the answer’s all week. That’s, that’s illegal.

ONCE AGAIN, YOU F****** [unintelligible].

Once again.


Let me tell you, my coordinator’s been out of position for a half-hour. Give me time to get my coordinator down here so I can call plays! Come on.

Gray suit: [response]

Harbaugh: Yeah, you go and [obstructed]. Every time I ask you for something you say, “Go screw yourself,” just like always.

[walks away]

Gray suit: I’ve never said that.

[obscured for a bit, then around 0:46 …]

Harbaugh: All I know is that if my [not sure what he says, but he’s obviously referring to the coordinator] has to come down here, then they—they should be down here [motions toward the opposite sideline].

Gray suit: [response]

Harbaugh: You’re not telling me s***.

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