Deer With Jar Stuck on His Head Running Around Harford County

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Courtesy Christopher Beauchamp/WBAL-TV

A deer in Harford County is in a tough spot after trying just a bit too hard to get a lick of salt.

State wildlife officials are working to track down a young male deer with a plastic jar stuck on its head in Bel Air. WBAL-TV first reported that residents of one neighborhood in the town spotted the deer eight days ago. To them, he’s known as “Jughead.”

One state wildlife official told the station this type of situation isn’t too uncommon. “When [containers are] empty, the salt that’s left in them is attractive to deer and other animals,” Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife and Heritage Service director Paul A. Peditto told the station. “Unfortunately, the heads on these young animals are about the right size for the openings on these containers.”

Maryland DNR spokesman Gregg Bortz said on a phone call that this happens a few times a year with different animals. In late 2015, a bear in Frederick County made headlines for getting its head stuck in a metal milk can.

Even though more than a week has passed since Jughead was free of the pretzel jar, Peditto told WBAL-TV the animal can likely breathe fine thanks to its narrow head and can survive using its fat reserves already stored for the cold winter months. Bortz said as of today, the deer “appears to be healthy and not otherwise injured.”

Locals are working with the DNR to track the animal down by posting sightings on Facebook, according to the TV station.

Bortz said the DNR’s wildlife team hopes to get close enough to tranquilize the deer and remove the jar, but that “ideally, the container will come loose naturally.”

“We hope one way or another that the container will come off of the deer’s head,” he said.

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