Dennis Graul Sets the Record Straight on Graul’s

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Graul’s Market, MOM’s Organic and The Fresh Market are vying for the space at The Rotunda to replace the Giant Supermarket was there for decades.  Family-owned Graul’s had been the front-runner until recently when representatives of the New Jersey-based developer Hekemian told  the folks at Graul’s that they had gone “back to the drawing board,” according to the Baltimore Sun.  Hampden Happenings, the monthly newsletter of the Hampden Community Council, publishes today the April issue with the below piece by Dennis Graul, owner of Graul’s Markets, correcting what he believes are misconceptions about his stores. -The Eds

As you know, The Hekemian Company, the Rotunda’s developer, is planning a major renovation.  Hekemian has promised a full service market as part of the new project.  Graul’s Market does not have a lease deal with Hekemian, however, we have been working closely with the developer to try to help the developer meet their promise to open a full service supermarket at The Rotunda.  We believe Graul’s Market would be a great addition to the Hampden community.

Allow us to introduce Graul’s Market to the Hampden community and help you understand who we are and what we do.

We are not a chain, we are a family.  Graul’s was founded in 1920 and is locally owned & operated 4th generation family business.  Graul’s operated stores in Baltimore City until 1959 and we look forward to returning to the city.

We are NOT a high priced grocer.  We offer better service and better quality than other full service supermarkets at affordable prices.  A recent survey of a market basket of top selling grocery, dairy and frozen food prices found that Graul’s is competitive with Giant.

We cater to the communities we serve.  Each of our locations are decidedly different and we adapt our stores to the communities we serve.  We are able to offer upscale products, freshly prepared foods, baked goods, catering services and more with everyday food items at competitive prices.  We listen to customer requests and concerns and respond to them.

Graul’s is known for our great signature products.  Customers come from far and wide for many products you can only find at Graul’s, such as our custom decorated cakes, chicken salad and fresh squeezed orange juice.  We are not an ordinary grocery store that sells lots of fresh foods made elsewhere; we still cook and bake!

Graul’s is known for extraordinary customer service.  We believe that a store is just a store until we add great associates to work there.  Customers appreciate our attentive service from knowledgeable associates that serve you with a smile.  Seniors particularly appreciate our larger staff to give them great service.

Graul’s supports local companies.  We sell hundreds of locally made products.  We also source our meats, produce and other ingredients from local farmers. We also believe that local companies make the world a much better place than large chain stores.

Graul’s supports the communities that we serve.  Each year we ask our frequent shoppers to let us know which organizations that they would like us to support.  We give back to the community with their guidance in mind.

Graul’s provides good jobs.  We would create well over 100 new jobs at The Rotunda.  We offer many full time jobs with great benefits for our associates.  We are a fair employer and we care for our associates.  Our goal is to be the best place to work in our industry.  Many of our associates have been with our company for over 20 years.

We encourage you to visit Graul’s Market in either Ruxton or Mays Chapel to better understand us.  More information about Graul’s Market and our contact information can be found at

We think that Graul’s Market would be a great full service supermarket that offers the best of all worlds to the residents and business in the Hampden community.  We have delivered quality foods and extraordinary service to the neighborhoods that we serve for over 93 years. We hope to serve you in Hampden soon.

If you have questions about Graul’s Market, please reach out to me at [email protected].

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