Despite Protests, Interim Police Chief Gets the Job

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BPD Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis announces the arrest, via Baltimore Police

Kevin Davis is now officially Baltimore’s Police Commissioner, thanks to a City Council vote last night. 

This time around, activists weren’t able to occupy the balcony where they protested Davis’s instatement by staging a sit-in at last week’s preliminary hearing. (The balcony was reportedly closed for “safety reasons” and because it needed some conveniently-timed repairs.) Nevertheless, protestors attended the meeting, and broke out in chants after the 12-2 vote instating Davis, according to the Baltimore Sun. Activists then took to the streets.

As many observers have noted, many of the activists who are spearheading these protests are young people and/or students. It’s pretty inspiring to watch an entire generation become increasingly politically active. (Makayla Gilliam-Price, one of the founders of City Bloc, an organization that’s been particularly active in agitating for change in the Baltimore City Police Department, is only 17!)

Two city councilmembers voted against Davis — incidentally (or perhaps not incidentally at all), one — Carl Stokes — is running for mayor, while the other — Nick Mosby — is considering it.

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