More Details and Video of Michael Phelps’ Wedding Float to the Surface

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Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook

Details of Michael Phelps’ wedding keep leaking out. 

Brides released video of the Cabo San Lucas nuptials, which was actually the second following a secret, small ceremony in June prior to Michael Phelps’ latest medal turn at the Rio Olympics. The year also featured the birth of their son Boomer.

Nicole also opened up about the couple’s relationship, which has been characterized as on and off.

“We came back together a few times. In 2013, I said, “You know, you’re not ready for it, you should go have fun.” It always came back to my question of “What if?” with Michael. I could never see myself with anyone else. There’s nobody else that gets me the way that Michael does. We live a healthy, competitive life daily,” she said.

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