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It ran in “T” Magazine, the paper’s glossy, seasonal travel publication, and was paid for by Visit Baltimore. Perhaps remembering that New York Times readers are really into how “quirky” Baltimore is, the four-page ad emphasized our city’s “classic gems and quirky delights,” from A(rtscape) to Z(appa, Frank) — with nods to the “Kooky! Kitsch! Kinetic!” sculpture race, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Grand Prix, gay marriage, and Cafe Hon’s giant pink flamingo. It’s a little heavy on the kitsch, but there’s some substance there, too. As for the price tag? “For getting that kind of broad audience and that level of circulation, those projects tend to run about the same across the board,” Visit Baltimore’s chief marketing officer told the Baltimore Business Journal. You can see the PDF of the entire ad here — check it out and let us know what you think!

7 replies on “Did You See Baltimore’s $100,000 Ad in the New York Times?”

    1. It works for me. It’s a PDF, so it’s possible that your browser might automatically download it instead of displaying it.

  1. I saw it and wept. There was no direction, no place for readers to focus — it was trying to be all things for all people with a random assortment of mediocre and middling events. Boo-hoo Baltimore! Visit Baltimore, please hire a better consultant next time.

  2. I love this ad for Baltimore. Snappy writing, good selection of its charms and great photos. The layout mimics the themes too. Proud to be a hon from Charm City.

    1. I’m sorry, did you just say “hon?” That’ll be $0.75 made payable to Denise Whiting. Thanks.

  3. How come “Oriole Park” is written out instead of using the large O to begin the spelling of the word? …as in O…riole

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