Disgusting Email Didn’t Violate Any University of Maryland Rules

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University of Maryland
Photo by Carmichael Library, via Flickr.

After an investigation, the University of Maryland determined that a student didn’t break any rules when he sent a private email to members of his fraternity in January 2014 detailing his plans to have sex during rush week, his racial preferences in sexual partners, and his views on consent (he is staunchly against!) in a prose style that underscored the jaw-dropping offensiveness of the content.

Despite being totally in the clear rules-wise, and even protected by the First Amendment, the email has had real consequences for the student. He was suspended from the frat (and quickly resigned); he opted not to return to University of Maryland next semester; he will undergo diversity training; and he will perform community service, according to the Washington Post.

Plus, he apologized. “I know there is no way to erase this incident or the agony it has caused,” he said, “but . . . I have learned an important life lesson, realizing there is no room for hate or prejudice of any kind in our community.”

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