Displaying Photos at Your Wedding

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When you sit down and start to think about your wedding décor you probably think about the flowers and the vases and what color tablecloths and napkins you want. You probably think about theme and mood, and you probably jot down a bunch of words like rustic or vintage or elegant. You might find yourself pinning a hundred DIY centerpiece ideas or standing in front of a bulletin board of color palettes trying to make sense of them.

Clearly, you’ve got a lot of options and a lot to think about, and while I can’t help you choose a theme from your endless word maps, I can remind you of one key ingredient you can’t forget to include. Pictures. It sounds really simple. Duh, you should have photos at your wedding, but there is a little more to it. Click to read the entire article.

Article courtesy of Lindsey Satterfield, blog writer/social media coordinator for Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection. 

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