DIY Heatwave Project: Baking Bread with a Solar Oven

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When it’s this hot, most of us just want to lurk inside and curse the weather. But instead of thinking of the sun as our enemy, what if we tried to enlist it as an ally? That’s the premise behind solar cooking, in which the sun’s abundant, powerful energy is used to cook food without consuming fuels.

It’s mostly a trend in the developing world, where fuel (and/or time for gathering fuel) is often scarce. But weather like this got one local blogger wondering if it might just be hot enough to not just fry an egg, but bake a loaf of bread using one of those silver windshield shades as a reflective surface.

You can read the detailed account here, but we’ll just let you know now (spoiler alert) — it didn’t work. Something about the angle of the foil reflector. But still, it’s an inspirational take on how to keep yourself occupied when the temperature is oven-like. Try it out later this week, when we’ll be in the triple-digits once again…

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