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Q&A: Ratscape organizer Josh Schleupner talks reviving the festival, the need for new practice spaces and more

A t-shirt design by Daniel Calhoun.

When I met Josh Schleupner for coffee earlier this week, the music festival he’s helping to organize, Ratscape, was “starting to morph,” he told me. Last-minute confirmations from bands were still rolling in, and he was waiting for some vendors to sign on.

After Six Decades, Baynesville Electronics is Closing Its Doors

photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Another longtime Baltimore area business is closing. This time, it’s Baynesville Electronics, a well-known independent retailer of electric parts and computer equipment, located at 1631 East Joppa Road and operated by the Smith family.

Tickets Available for the 8th ChiliBrew



catch of the day fish (2)If you’re wondering what exactly a ChiliBrew is, you’re probably not alone. But luckily, it’s not too far from what it sounds like: chili + brew. But of course it’s so much more than that as well. It’s the 8th celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit organized by Baltimore’s very own homebrew club. And that means that homebrew (that is, beer made in small batches right at home) is at the top of the menu (well right beside chili). And since both chili and beer each take a while to really get cooking– we thought we’d let you know now. After all, beer needs a couple of weeks to ferment and become bottle-able, and we know you want to perfect your chili recipe over the next few weeks in hopes of picking up the top prize.

Sears Craftsman House on Mt. Washington’s ‘Pill Hill’



fairbank:frontHot House: 1822 Fairbank Road, Mt. Washington, Baltimore MD 21209

Wood frame bungalow, two stories, built in 1921 from a Sears catalog mail order kit. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, 940 sq. ft., with front porch, side and back decks. Original pine floors throughout. Finished basement with stone fireplace. South facing lot, with additional side parcel, half-acre in total: $335,000

Legendary Yard Sale in Roland Park, Sunday and Monday


For about 10 years, off and on, local collectors and pals Weeder Obrecht and Caryl Siems have been holding for their friends a giant yard sale in Roland Park on Mother’s Day.  This year, the friends — empty nesters as of this year — are adding an few extra dates, Sunday, October 7 at 9 a.m. and Monday October 8 at 8 a.m., to the sale, which they hold in a storage space on Deepdene Road, off Roland Avenue in Roland Park.

DIY Heatwave Project: Baking Bread with a Solar Oven


When it’s this hot, most of us just want to lurk inside and curse the weather. But instead of thinking of the sun as our enemy, what if we tried to enlist it as an ally? That’s the premise behind solar cooking, in which the sun’s abundant, powerful energy is used to cook food without consuming fuels.

It’s mostly a trend in the developing world, where fuel (and/or time for gathering fuel) is often scarce. But weather like this got one local blogger wondering if it might just be hot enough to not just fry an egg, but bake a loaf of bread using one of those silver windshield shades as a reflective surface.

You can read the detailed account here, but we’ll just let you know now (spoiler alert) — it didn’t work. Something about the angle of the foil reflector. But still, it’s an inspirational take on how to keep yourself occupied when the temperature is oven-like. Try it out later this week, when we’ll be in the triple-digits once again…