It seems as though everyone’s mad about the new Common Core curriculum in public schools. First, an agitated parent made the national news after he got forcibly ejected from a school board meeting because he spoke out against the standards; now 8,700 Baltimore County teachers have filed a grievance against the school board, saying that the Common Core means they have way too much work.

As Maryland schools transition to a Common Core curriculum, teachers have had to come up with detailed lesson plans that match the new standards. But Baltimore County school districts didn’t come up with the lesson plans until shortly before they were supposed to be taught — meaning that teachers are having to spend hours of extra time preparing or class. According to Abby Beytin, president of the Teachers Association of Baltimore County, teachers were working up to 40 extra hours during a two-week period.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the grievance filing is an unusual step– while teachers unions filed grievances all the time, they usually do so on behalf of one person or a small group. “We would like to settle [the grievance] without going to arbitration,” Beytin said.