My favorite supervillain, historical-document-collector-turned-thief Barry H. Landau, is back in the news after pleading guilty to two counts of art theft in a case stemming from his (and accomplice Jason Savedoff’s) arrest at the Maryland Historical Archives in July of 2011. And remember when we were told he had stolen somewhere around 200 culturally significant documents? Well, as it turns out, of the 10,000 historical pieces in his Manhattan apartment, 4,000 (four thousand!) of them were pilfered from various archives, mostly along the East Coast.

That’s all very exciting, but the real development in the story is that Landau now sports an eye-patch and a cane. (Take a look at the full picture; for a moment you can almost believe he has a peg leg — alas, too good to be true!) You may recall that in my second post about Landau, I was hoping that the story might yet involve a monocle and a fake mustache. Well, I consider the eye patch and cane combo an answer to that prayer.

The Powers That Be were less generous to the larcenous 63-year-old. He may face up to 15 years in prison at his sentencing in May.

I am holding my breath for the sequel — in which a new, young document-thief is ravaging the libraries of America and the feds are forced to enlist the expertise of their former enemy (who, at this point, wears two eye patches).