Dog Fighting Occurs “Every Single Night and Day of the Week in Baltimore”

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According to ABC-2, the massive West Baltimore dog fighting ring busted by police yesterday (after investigating a house looking for illegal drugs) is the largest “Baltimore has ever seen.” Twenty-six dogs were discovered between two homes. Today, 24 have survived and are being cared for by BARCS.

The story from police — of blood spatters and so many maliciously underfed, abused animals — is beyond the pale. But Baltimorean and pit bull rescuer Erick Vocke isn’t surprised. “There is dog fighting that goes on every single night and day of the week in Baltimore,” he claims. “It’s bigger than anyone sees and it’s more structured than anybody sees.”

The seized dogs are going to stay with BARCS while the investigation is ongoing. After that, each dog will be adopted out, sent to another rescue, or — as a last resort — euthanized.


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