Donald Trump Questioned on School Choice for Maryland Rally

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donaldtrump61815Donald Trump is set to hold a rally in Maryland tonight, which is apparently okay with a lot of Free Staters. However, one group took particular issue with the location of the gathering. 

The rally is set to be held in the gym of Stephen Decatur High School in Worcester County. On Tuesday, the head of the Maryland State Education Association said a school is no place for Trump’s name-calling of other candidates and talk of banning specific groups of immigrants.

“Allowing Trump to speak in a public school normalizes and condones bullying attitudes and behavior that go against the tolerance and acceptance that educators strive to teach our students every day,” Betty Weller, president of the teachers’ union, said in a statement.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the school still plans to hold the rally. Along with his poll numbers, Weller’s remarks will likely be on the agenda for Trump during the rally. Before that, however, Rep. Andy Harris jumped to the Donald’s defense, calling the statement “hypocrisy.”

“And the bottom line is public teachers don’t own public schools. The people own them. The public owns them,” he told WBAL’s C4 show.




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