Don’t Drink the Water in Salisbury — Well, Some of It, Anyway

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“Dozens of household wells” in Salisbury have been contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical trichloroethylene, and it’s got the state drilling monitoring wells in the area to measure the level of the contamination and to track its movement.

Since the contamination was discovered in the summer of 2012, 68 wells in the area have been found to contain an unsafe amount of TCE, a solvent found in numerous consumer products like paints, varnishes, and adhesives. It’s also used industrially to degrease metal parts. Officials have not yet determined how it all got there.

In 2005, the EPA formally recognized TCE as a human carcinogen, as well as a non-carcinogenic health hazard.

For now, the state has outfitted the affected homes with filters, “alternative water supplies,” and bottled water.

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