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Greenlaurel: Baltimore’s Industrial ‘Yuck’ is Seeping into Our Waterways (and Possibly Our People)

Scrap metal left out in the elements can leach toxic metals that flow in rain runoff to waterways. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A share of Maryland’s stormwater pollution problem comes from unchecked, sky-high amounts of toxic yuck washed away from Baltimore’s industrial junkyards, landfills and businesses, according to some new investigative research from two nonprofit groups.

Hopkins Researcher Says National HIV Epidemic Could be Reversed by 2025

A young boy gets tested for HIV. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The scourge of HIV’s spread in the United States could soon begin to decline, according to a new study co-authored by a John Hopkins Bloomberg School department chair.

‘The Food Desert is Real’: Legislators, Community Advocates Discuss Food Access, Environmental Health in Annapolis

Del. Cheryl Glenn, D-Baltimore City, speaks at an event on food access and environmental health in the House of Delegates.

For Rodette Jones and her neighbors in Curtis Bay, a simple trip to the grocery store isn’t so simple. For anyone without a car, the errand can require hopping on two buses to the nearest supermarket two miles away, shopping and then hauling the groceries back home on the bus.

In Wake of Trump’s Victory and Looming Defunding Fears, Planned Parenthood of Maryland Sees Boost in Support

Planned Parenthood of Maryland staff and volunteers participating in this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade in Baltimore.

For better or worse, everything changed for Planned Parenthood of Maryland after Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016.

Hopkins’ Center for Health Security Gets $16 Million for Research

Courtesy Bloomberg School of Public Health

Only a month after the Center for Health Security reintegrated itself into the Johns Hopkins University, the center is set to receive $16 million in funding for research on strengthening public health and security.

City Health Commissioner Addresses Racial Health Gap in 10-Year Plan

Baltimore's new health commissioner
Dr. Leana Wen

Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen introduced a 10-year public health plan on Tuesday which explicitly tackles racial disparities in the health outcomes of city residents.

Meth Found in Baltimore’s Waterways



These national news stories about Baltimore these past few months are really not making us look good.

Johns Hopkins Takes the Lead on Zika Research



As non-travel related cases of Zika virus are now being reported within the U.S., there’s an increasing urgency to learn more about the disease (and how to fight it). Enter Johns Hopkins.

What Pokemon Go Fever Reveals About Public Health



Pokemon Go has swept the nation like, well, a kind of fast-spreading disease. If you’re a Johns Hopkins public health researcher, the game everyone’s going crazy for looks instead like “the makings of a social, or health, experiment on a global scale.”

Prisons Are Bad News for Infectious Diseases, Hopkins Study Says



Infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis are major problems in prisons worldwide, a Johns Hopkins study has found.