Don’t Worry, That Plane Crash Is Fake

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Okay, maybe it won't be quite THIS dramatic
Okay, maybe it won’t be quite THIS dramatic

If you happen to be cruising south of Baltimore on Route 50 this week and you notice a massive plume of billowing black smoke, don’t panic. 

It’s (probably) a fake plane crash.

According to NBC Washington, Sirens Media, a Maryland production company, will be filming a dramatic disaster scene at the Freeway Airport in Bowie this week, complete with three days of smoke, explosions, and various pyrotechnics. Please, don’t call the fire department–it’s all just for a TV show.

In a case of the movies parroting reality, however, the Route 50 location of this simulated plane crash was actually the site of a real small plane accident just a couple months ago, when a Cessna 172 being flown by a student pilot smashed into a fence. No one was hurt; hopefully the same will be true about the made-for-TV plane crash, too.

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