DPW worker may have posted bigoted tweets on the clock, OIG says he no longer works there

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A Department of Public Works employee who made racist, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT and pro-Nazi posts on social media may have done so while on the clock for the city, according to a new report from the Office of the Inspector General.

But no further action can be taken because Crescenzo Gizzi, who wrote on his LinkedIn profile that he worked as a project analyst with the agency’s Office of Engineering and Construction, is no longer employed by the city.

It’s not clear if Gizzi was fired or left on his own. Jeffrey Raymond, a spokesperson for DPW, told Baltimore Fishbowl the department “is not commenting further on this personnel matter.”

When the posts spread locally last month, drawing a rebuke from 1st District Councilman Zeke Cohen and resulting in several news stories, the agency said it would look into whether Gizzi violated personnel rules by posting on a city-issued computer or phone. Raymond declined to say if that inquiry resulted in any disciplinary action.

The OIG analyzed Gizzi’s social media presence and identified 17 tweets made between April and May of 2019 “that could be viewed by a personable person as intentionally racist, anti-Semitic, or derogatory.” The time stamps on those tweets indicated they may have been posted on city time, a violation of DPW’s Personnel Policy.

Baltimore Fishbowl‘s scan of Gizzi’s accounts found racist posts against African-Americans, including one describing a brawl at a Sparrows Point bar as a “full blown chimpout” and faulting Baltimore County police for only arresting one “gorilla.”

He also posted a picture of a rainbow flag and an Israeli flag set on fire, and praised the Nazis. It appears his Twitter account has been deactivated.

On his own page, Cohen thanked Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming and City Solicitor Andre Davis for “taking action.” (We’ve reached out to Davis about his role in this.)

“Take that hatred elsewhere,” Cohen said. “Baltimore is not here for it.”

Brandon Weigel

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