Dr. Ian Clark, St. James Academy

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Dr. Ian Clark, Lower School Head
St. James Academy

St. James Academy’s new lower school head, Dr. lan Clark, arrives on campus with extensive experience and a passport full of international credentials. Most recently, the U.K. born educator served as the lower school head at San Roberto International School in Monterrey, Mexico.

What drew you to education?
As a boy, I saw my fifth-grade teacher in the window of his house across the street grading papers late into the evening. I thought, “what a lucky guy, reading all of those stories we were writing today at school!” I genuinely feel the same joy every day. I became a teacher because I also felt that students and parents need to feel that joy.

What do you like about your current school?
When I saw the posting, read more about St. James Academy and visited over winter break, I felt it would be a great fit for my family and me. I also noticed how focused the faculty are on the kids, and I saw children who were engaged in learning and eager to share with me what they were doing. The way the school differentiates its teaching to allow the children to access the curriculum is very impressive, and I could see that the students were attaining high levels of academic achievement.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?
As with any school, there is a special culture that needs to be supported, and maintaining it will be a priority. I am excited to develop the strengths of the school.

I hope to make the school a place where all students feel appreciated in their journey.

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