DuClaw unveils candy cane stout with hints of vanilla and chocolate

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DuClaw Brewing Company will release a new beer in November: “The PastryArchy Candy Cane.” Photo courtesy of DuClaw.

Halloween is tomorrow, and pumpkin flavors and autumnal spices abound. But before you know it, winter will be here bearing gifts of peppermints and hot cocoa.

Kicking off the holiday season, DuClaw Brewing Company has unveiled “The PastryArchy Candy Cane,” a full-bodied imperial Irish stout with minty and malty flavors, as well as hints of Tahitian vanilla bean and chocolate.

The 8.5% ABV beer is set to find its way to taps shelves in Maryland and other areas in early November.

“We’re excited to turn the nostalgic American holiday staple into something fun for adults,” DuClaw Director of Brewery Operations Chris Wood in a statement.

Woods said DuClaw sought to create a beer that was reminiscent of a favorite wintry treat.

“We wanted to create a recipe that does the nostalgic treat justice, while also giving a new twist,” he said. “We first deconstructed the flavors from the classic candy cane, and then built a recipe that is not too sweet, but rich with depth of flavor. We can’t wait to get this into the market for people to enjoy.”

For extra minty flavor, Woods recommends serving the beer with a crushed candy cane rim or even pairing it with a full candy cane.

The candy cane beer is the latest addition to DuClaw’s “PastryArchy” series of beers inspired by desserts and sweet flavors.

In March, DuClaw teamed up with Wockenfuss Candies for a caramel and marshmallow-flavored beer.

The brewing company has also crafted beers inspired by tiramisu; chocolate-dipped pretzels; cinnamon, raisins and vanilla; chocolate cherry bon bons; and pecan pie.

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