Displays and Gifts Offer All Treat, No Tricks at Dutch Floral Garden

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As Halloween nears and we feel the change of seasons, Dutch Floral Garden in Belvedere Square gets into the spirit with seasonal decor and gifts to get you ready to fall into fall!

Botanical sculpture is an art.  The careful combination of colors, textures and contrasting materials adds visual interest to a centerpiece, entry table, or any large room that beckons a focal point.


Add grown-up style to your Halloween decoration with creative arrangements with a All Hallow’s Eve theme.




Botanical wall art: This stunning display for Halloween incorporates natural elements with just the right touch of spooky.


Keep you pet from harshing your mellow with Ten Good Sheep “Muttmellows,” durable, washable wool in a sturdy, pliable balls, that will keep your dog busy while the doorbell rings Halloween night!


Fun and colorful felt covered soaps (yes, felt!) provide a natural exfoliator.  The little bundles contain pure olive oil soaps, giving skin a gentle scrub without the abrasiveness of a loofah. They’d make a cute addition to bath time — and a great gift! — for kids young and old. Get a head start on holiday shopping and grab some to use as stocking stuffers!




515 East Belvedere Square, Baltimore, Maryland 21212

(410) 467-7882

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