Eastpoint Theater Will Show The Interview on Christmas

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Eastpoint Theater will show The Interview on Christmas

If you don’t spend Christmas Day watching Seth Rogen and James Franco assassinating Kim Jong Un (in a movie that’s gotten pretty crummy reviews so far), then the “cyberterrorists” have won. That’s apparently what Sony finally realized, after initially bowing to hackers’ demands that they cancel the release of The Interview. The company has now settled on a limited release on Christmas, and Eastpoint Theater will be the only place to see it in the Baltimore area.

The theater’s general manager told the Baltimore Sun that “[w]hile I do believe it’s a good fight for freedom of speech, we’re just playing a movie to show a movie.” The theater is not planning any extra security measures in response to the hackers’ threats of violence at “the very time and places ‘The Interview’ be shown.”



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