Ed Schrader’s Music Beat shares new track ‘Seagull’

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Image via Carpark Records

Local duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat has been keeping very busy since announcing a new album, “Riddles,” due out March 2 on Carpark Records, and releasing a video for the new single “Dunce.”

They put out a second single, the album’s title track, roasted limited-edition coffee at Thread (available for sale at the label’s site) and unboxed their own record on Valentine’s Day for all of Twitter to see.

Today, they released a slow-burning third single, ‘Seagull,’ over at Consequence of Sound. It kicks off with finger snaps, a springy bass line from Devlin Rice and Schrader crooning in a way that Consequence of Sound rightly likens to “a musical street gang.” The song  spirals into a buzzing wall of sound.

As part of the site’s Origins series, Schrader explained the meaning of ‘Seagulls’ this way: “‘Seagull’ is about a person who fears all the trappings of complacency, and to whom the term ‘settling down’ is like kryptonite. It is about that irrepressible road warrior in all of us that needs to feel the flame and skinned knees of adventure! The young, idealistic artist who prizes content over currency! Within the song though we see the cost of that freedom: ‘Leaving is such a mess/ But I’m tired of just hanging round.'”

Listen below.

Reminder that the release show for “Dunce” is March 1 at Metro Gallery. Wume and Smoke Bellow are also on the bill.

Brandon Weigel

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