We all know that Ladew Gardens is renowned around the world for its incredible topiary scenes. Then there are the roses, the water lilies, and the wildflowers.  Not to mention the tea house, the cottage, and the croquet court. If this is starting to seem as fantastical as something out of a Lewis Carroll book, it may well be.


But if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Ladew (either on a nature walk, or during one of their remarkable plant sales, or simply sitting on the grass enjoying an outdoor concert) you know that the gardens truly do seem magical. The unique serenity and timeless elegance that Ladew has to offer are just a few reasons that the gardens top our list of local wedding locations.


For a while there, it seemed like more and more couples were opting for far-flung “destination weddings.” But those invariably come with ambivalence from guests who may not be too excited about shelling out for the plane tickets or using up vacation days on someone else’s special occasion. But Ladew offers a completely unique, world-class setting right in our own backyard. Named one of the Top 5 Gardens in America, and one of the Top 10 in the World, there is nothing humble about Ladew– and that’s precisely what we like about it.


The property rental fee begins at $6,000—well worth it for the 22 acres of fairytale beauty your guests can enjoy throughout the event. Outdoor ceremonies are becoming more and more popular as well, as couples opt for weddings from May 1 all the way through the end of September (Ladew’s busiest season). Long story short, if you’re looking for one of the most striking wedding locations in the region, renowned worldwide for its unique beauty, look no further. Ladew is no shrinking violet.

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Ladew Topiary Gardens | 3535 Jarrettsville Pike | Monkton, Maryland 21111 | 410-557-9570