Ellicott City Man Could Win $1 M for Hilarious Homemade Doritos Ad

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See what you can do with a camera, $300, a dog, and some cooperative friends? This 30-second Doritos ad was created by Centennial High alum Raj Suri and his crew on a shoestring budget as part of a competition that will select two crowdsourced ads to air during the Super Bowl. And one of those ads will earn $1 million for its creator.


Suri’s “Doritos Time Machine” spot is one of five finalists, and I have to admit, it’s absolutely Super-Bowl-ad quality. It’s hilarious, inventive, and flawlessly executed. In fact, it recalls the golden age of Super Bowl ads (which I place from 1997 to 2001).

If it makes to the big show I’ll consider it a consolation for our Ravens-less January.

You can vote for it (once per day, per device) here.

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  1. Okay, if he doesn’t win, I give up — the ad is just hilarious, from start to finish, including the kid who looks like Dennis the Menace, and the old guy who is the perfect Bawlmer archetype. Thanks for the laugh(s!)!

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