‘Embarrassed and Humiliated’: Rams Head Owner Responds to ‘Peeping Tom’ Charges

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Kyle Muehlhauser (Howard County booking photo)
Kyle Muehlhauser (Howard County booking photo)

Rams Head Group owner Kyle Muehlhauser released a statement in response to allegations that he videotaped women in the bathroom of Rams Head Tavern in Savage.

Muehlhauser, 37, said he is “embarrassed and humiliated” by the accusations that he filmed six women, which resulted in his arrest. He said that he’s assumed an “administrator-oriented role” rather than an “onsite operating role” in the wake of the “peeping tom” allegations.

Muehlhauser and his father run the Maryland chain of nightlife and restaurant, which operates seven venues — including two in Baltimore City.

Here is the full statement:

“Last May, I was made aware the Howard County Police Department was investigating a patron complaint at our Savage Mill property. Upon learning of the probe, I cooperated fully with investigators, to include the turning over of personal property from my home. During this time, I also instructed staff to be transparent and provide any information that investigators requested. After more than 8 months, I learned late last week that formal charges were being filed against me, I was devastated. I turned myself in to authorities immediately and pledge to continue my cooperative stance.

While navigating the judicial process, I’ve decided to assume an administrator-oriented role versus an on-site operating role within the company. I am making these changes so as to not distract or interrupt the incredible customer experiences the extended Rams Head team delivers at each of our properties. I am very respectful of the 25-year Rams Head tradition and am sickened this incident has caused pain for others.

On a more personal note, while I realize there will be a time to tell my story through the proper judicial channels, I am nonetheless embarrassed and humiliated by the recent events. The best thing for me now is to focus on myself and my family.”

[h/t Capital Gazette

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