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A few weeks ago, we got really excited about Clean Currents—the wind energy company that’s providing local and nationally sourced wind power to Baltimore homes and businesses. Clean Currents’ dedication to providing clean and renewable energy to Marylanders is great. As one wind user said, of working with the company: “Clean Currents allows you to do something about supporting renewable energy rather than asking a politician to do something!” We hear that. Which is why we’re so appreciative that there’s a company working locally to give us that opportunity.Clean Currents 2

Responsible energy use (and production) is Clean Currents’ whole bag.  It’s what they do all the time. But right now, they’re going the extra mile with their Energize Responsibly campaign. The campaign asks Marylanders to, “ditch dirty air and energize responsibly by choosing wind power for home.” According to the American Lung Association’s recent State of the Air report, 42% of people in the US live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Ooof. That’s a lot of us. Coal power is still a major source of air pollution, and with big coal states like West Virginia and Pennsylvania nearby, we’re not so far from all that. Throughout May and June, Clean Currents is asking Baltimore locals to take the pledge to Energize Responsibly and make the switch to wind power.

To help make the switch even more enticing, Clean Currents will be holding drawings for awesome prizes (such as a Specialized Bike, a ChicoBag DayPacker full of goodies, and a $50 Charm City Run gift card) for those who pledge to switch to wind. Additional prizes will be distributed for sharing pictures and answering the question, “What makes you feel energized?” Since getting the inside scoop on local happenings is what makes us feel energized (are we entered to win yet?) we asked Megan Barrett of Clean Currents about the Energize Responsibly Campaign– how it all started, what it means, and why it matters.Clean Currents 3

Baltimore Fishbowl: Tell us about why you guys started the Energize Responsibly campaign. What inspired it?

Megan Barrett: Lots of us at Clean Currents are very physically active. We run marathons, triathalons, participate in bike races and even run 50+ mile relays! We got to chatting about how important clean air is to us when we’re exercising outside, and thought that other runners, bikers, hikers, yogis, power walkers and flash-mobbers would feel the same way. So, we decided to launch Energize Responsibly to show active people the connection between their health, air quality, and renewable energy.

BFB: What does “energizing responsibly” mean? What kind of a difference does it make?

MB: To us, energizing responsibly means a few things. It means treating yourself with respect and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. It also means treating the planet with respect and making lifestyle choices to reduce your environmental impact. By consciously choosing wind power, people are taking control of their electricity and supporting a clean, renewable energy future.

BFB: Can you tell us a little bit about one or two of the places where the wind comes from?

MB: Sure! Our Neighborhood Wind comes from Highland North Wind Farm in Cambria County, PA. The Highland North Wind Farm is located within the PJM electric grid, covering Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. Electricity produced by the wind turbines at Highland North feeds directly onto the same grid that our homes, businesses, shops, and schools pull power from. By choosing Clean Currents Neighborhood Wind, you are helping to increase the share of renewable energy right here in our region.

Love Your Energy Company from Clean Currents on Vimeo.

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