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Energize Responsibly with Clean Currents


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A few weeks ago, we got really excited about Clean Currents—the wind energy company that’s providing local and nationally sourced wind power to Baltimore homes and businesses. Clean Currents’ dedication to providing clean and renewable energy to Marylanders is great. As one wind user said, of working with the company: “Clean Currents allows you to do something about supporting renewable energy rather than asking a politician to do something!” We hear that. Which is why we’re so appreciative that there’s a company working locally to give us that opportunity.

Power Your Home with Wind Energy from Clean Currents

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Clean Currents helping Baltimoreans switch to wind power on Earth Day
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Last fall’s ice cream social, hosted with Taharka Brothers

By now, most people have had the experience of driving down the highway and seeing, off in the distance, the tall white wind turbines that are beginning to dot the American landscape. In recent years, they’ve become the icon of renewable, sustainable energy—the promise of less pollution, fighting climate change, and pursuing energy sources that are safe for humans and the environment. Now Baltimoreans can enthusiastically jump on the green energy bandwagon with Clean Currents, a company making it possible for Baltimore residents to choose to power their homes exclusively through wind power. Now, this doesn’t mean that they come to your backyard (or porch, or stoop) and install a windmill that sends electricity into your house. Rather, it means that they buy energy from wind farms as close as Pennsylvania and send that through BGE’s power lines to your home. There’s no change in reliability of electricity, and you may be surprised to learn that BGE still maintains power lines and the flow of power to homes and businesses powered by Clean Currents. When you make the switch, your power remains uninterrupted, perfectly normal, but your household is just that much greener.