Entrepreneurs Go From Farm to Retail

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Eula McDowell, owner of Big Bean Theory. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Courtesy Bmore Media- When Eula McDowell started serving soup at the Owings Mills Mall, she met a customer named Rose Mary Hardy Stew.

“That’s crazy, right?” McDowell laughs. “She was the nicest woman, so I named a soup in her honor—Rosemary Hearty Bean Stew.”

This easy camaraderie with customers was something she picked up after spending years selling her savory creations at local farmers’ markets. Last year, she switched from a stall at area farmers’ markets to one at the mall with her shop the Big Bean Theory. McDowell hopes to open a flagship location with a beautiful storefront in the next year, enticing hungry diners with Eula-lisious Black Eye Peas with Turkey and Collards and Mama’s Rockin’ Moroccan Bean Soup.

“I think the [farmers’ markets] are the best way for vendors to get their feet wet,” says Nikki Lewis, who opened Rosedale’s the Mallow Bar in February after years of selling her marshmallow treats at the Owings Mills farmers’ market.  “You receive immediate feedback and can tweak ingredients.”

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