Environmentalists Hail Watershed Year

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Halle van der Gaag, Executive Director of Blue Water Baltimore

Courtesy of Bmore Media – There’s a stench emanating from Maryland’s waterways, where at least 100,000 fish deaths have been reported in recent weeks. Environmental experts blame an algae bloom caused primarily by an excess of phosphorus and nitrogen—elements that seep into the water from sewage and fertilizer runoff. The overwhelming smell, which had visitors to the Inner Harbor holding their noses, comes at a timely juncture. Several environmental bills designed to curb these pollutants were passed in Maryland’s 2012 legislative session, which came to a close on May 16, 2012.

“It was a pretty watershed session for us,” says Alison Prost, Maryland executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. “Some are calling it the best in twenty years,” adds Prost.

Of the series of environmental bills passed this session, three stood out as big wins in the push for cleaner water.

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