Event Pick: Cupid Turns Evil for ‘A Valentine’s Day Haunted House’

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The dedicated crew at Bennett’s Curse is taking Valentine’s Day to a creepy, dark place this weekend by going back to Cupid’s roots.

While we know Cupid today as a good-natured, bow-and-arrow-wielding baby who sets people up for eternal bliss, the god of desire was known in some Roman literature as a deity that sowed chaos by shooting people with poisoned arrows to make them lust for whatever caught their eye next.

Bennett’s Curse, the nationally known haunted house that sets up every fall ahead of Halloween in Baltimore, is running with those dark origins this weekend, hosting “A Valentine Fear Experience” tonight and tomorrow at Eastpoint Mall in Dundalk. The tale they’ve spun isn’t quite the same as the one that Apuleius authored in the 2nd century, though it is compelling and follows a similar thread.

Per Bennett’s Curse’s website: “An evil spirit released from the Underworld has been sent to kill Cupid, replacing him to sow the seeds of discord. But instead of leading people to everlasting love and happiness, the entity would lead lovestruck people into relationships full of pain and relentless torment! As another means to dishonor Cupid, the entity would go by his earthly name of ‘The Matchmaker.'”

As a grisly bonus, The Matchmaker has stowed away Cupid’s rotting corpse somewhere inside the haunted house, and guests are encouraged to find it. How romantic!

7-10 p.m., Feb. 9-10, 7875 Eastpoint Mall, Dundalk, bennettscurse.com, $30, $22.50 for groups of 20 or more. Located at 

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