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Event Pick: Cupid Turns Evil for ‘A Valentine’s Day Haunted House’

Image via Facebook

The dedicated crew at Bennett’s Curse is taking Valentine’s Day to a creepy, dark place this weekend by going back to Cupid’s roots.

Get Spooked: Five Haunted Attractions In and Around Baltimore

Courtesy Field of Screams Maryland
Courtesy Field of Screams Maryland

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s only right for residents to seek out a planned scare here in Baltimore.

Permit Problem Threatens Halloween Season at Famed Baltimore Haunted House

Courtesy Bennett's Curse Haunted House/Facebook
Courtesy Bennett’s Curse Haunted House/Facebook

Scare-seekers who were planning to face off with demons, vampires, zombies and the like at Bennett’s Curse in South Baltimore this month may need to look elsewhere.

Visit the MICA Haunted House for Halloween

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catch of the day fish (2)Those kids over at MICA are known for creating some amazingly beautiful stuff and some amazingly weird stuff. But since 2009, a dedicated group of them have also committed to making some amazingly scary stuff– at least for Halloween. And so the MICA Haunted House Club is proud to bring us the 2014 MICA Haunted House. It’s the only one in Baltimore City, apparently and is a pretty large scale, intricately detailed, immersive, and genuinely horrifying haunted house. This year, they’ve apparently even upped their game–so who knows what horrors lie in store?

Baltimore Needs a Haunted House



A group of folks who call themselves “Engineered Fear” are trying to raise funds to build a haunted house in Baltimore, not far from the Inner Harbor. It would be the city’s only fright-centric location; all the other halloween favorites are way out in Dundalk.

These folks are serious about Halloween:

Breaking and Entering



Baltimore writer and Loyola University prof Ron Tanner doesn’t believe all “no trespassing” signs ought to be obeyed.

I break into old houses. Unoccupied houses. Abandoned houses. They have to be architecturally interesting, and the older, the better. I started doing this when I was 10, always in the company of my two older brothers. We never took “no trespassing” signs seriously. This is problematic, I understand. I am now a property owner and think of myself as respectful of other property owners. So, let me admit the obvious: trespassing is wrong. That’s why it’s against the law. Still, a “no trespassing” sign on an old, empty house seems to me more of a suggestion than an injunction.

What’s the Most Haunted School in Maryland?


In the good old days, you’d know there was a ghost by a spooky feeling, a sudden chill, or the hairs raising on the back of your neck. But these days it’s all about Ghost Science — Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC), and other paranormal detection equipment. And so, by the power vested in scientific anomalies, the Maryland Paranormal Research group has decided that the spookiest school in the state is….

Bring on the Ghosts Already!


Baltimore Ghost Tours (formerly Fells Point Ghost tours) In case you’re wondering how to seize the Halloween season, before or after sprawling on the floor, stuffing your mouth with candy, wrappers strewn all over the floor, brush your teeth, pull yourself together, and head down to Fells Point! There is a fun, busy bar scene on All Hallows Eve, but why not try something a little different. Baltimore Ghost Tours, which you may know as Fell’s Point Ghost Tours, takes you around historic homes, shops, and pubs along the romantic (if littered) cobblestone streets of Fell’s Point. There are plenty of tours, so pick one that suits you. I might try the Mount Vernon Ghost Walk this year. If you’re way into spooky spirits, join the Fells Point Haunted Pub Walk, on which you get to venture inside the eerie buildings. Down the line, there’s even a Holiday Haunted Pub Tour, in case your own dysfunctional family Christmas get-together isn’t scary enough. Whichever tour calls to you, in a high, haunting voice, you’re bound to have a scream (or a laugh-fest) while you’re lead around by the local actors who guide the groups. Prices are totally affordable; learn more at the Ghost Tour’s website, here.  Get your tickets online or on site. You can even bring your dog, if he’s not a chicken!