A group of folks who call themselves “Engineered Fear” are trying to raise funds to build a haunted house in Baltimore, not far from the Inner Harbor. It would be the city’s only fright-centric location; all the other halloween favorites are way out in Dundalk.

These folks are serious about Halloween:

We believe that a proper scare is an art. It’s not about screaming in someone’s ear, which is highly annoying, or repeated gags that get tiresome. There has to be a story with engaging characters that improvise and interact with guests. The event should keep you on your toes, make you scream, laugh, and then scream again. The goal is entertainment – dark, macabre, and horrific, but entertaining above all else.

YouTube video

They’re trying to raise $50,000, which seems ambitious. But then again, a truly good scare is priceless. Donate here!