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One Wing Down


Out walking the first day of vacation in Vermont, I fell on ice and broke my wrist.  I knew immediately.  At the closest urgent care facility 45 minutes away, I was treated by a hand specialist who performed a “reduction” which I, even in my ignorance, recognized as a euphemism for some procedure that would test the limits of my fragile courage.

Eclectic Fall Finds at Milagro



catch of the day fish (2)If you weren’t sure before the weekend, you are by now. Fall is here.  And if you haven’t stocked up on your warm and fuzzy things yet, it’s about time you did. And luckily, Milagro in Hampden has been doing a lot of the work for us. The adorable boutique is usually a place we hit up for gift shopping , but lately it’s full of some of the funkiest and most unique fall looks you’re likely to see around. The finds are sourced from around the world, and can make even the most subdued colors of the season look fresh and fun.

October Offerings from Green Spring Station



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Pants, fringe top and handbag from Panache, shoes from Matava Shoes, ring from Bijoux #GreenSpringStyle #FallStyle


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Monogrammed Cuff Bracelet available at Misha & Co. #GreenSpringStyle #FallStyle

    The View from Halcyon Farm: It’s Finally Fall!


    It’s finally fall here at Halcyon and we’ve already had our first frost. In fact, it was more than two weeks ago! As the season changes, we look at what needs to be done to get ready for when the days draw in and winter comes on with a vengeance. If it’s anything like last winter, we need to be well prepared.

    In the gardens. We are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, so we bring all of our huge citrus trees, gardenias and other fragile plants inside where they can over-winter. And we always pull up all of the dead plants – you really don’t want your garden looking like a plant graveyard all winter, do you?


    If you have tubers, like the dahlias we have by the hundreds, you can pull them up and over-winter them in your basement or another cool area. Here are some great tips on how to do this.

    Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



    Get up & Go! Free Fall Baltimore isn’t over yet!

    There’s still time to take advantage of some of the 300+ free events this month that make up Free Fall Baltimore! Up early today? Head down to the Central Library for their Imagination Celebration. It’s the grand opening of their interactive exhibit based on the work of children’s author Maurice Sendak!

    And tomorrow is Free Family Sunday at the BMA, where families can explore the museum and enjoy special educational and art-making programs for kids!

    Then bring the kids (or not) for the Creative Alliance’s Birds & BUS Block Party this evening. There will be dance, neighborhood activities, and a screening of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

    Looking for something a bit more amateur for your weekend cinema? You’re in luck, because it’s National Home Movie Day. The University of Baltimore will screen locals’ home movies today from 2pm-4pm. Bring your own, or just settle in to watch others’.

    And don’t forget about the Harbor Harvest Festival tomorrow, where you can get lost in a hay maze, pick a pumpkin, and enjoy all the rest of your fall staples right here in the heart of the city.


    The Waterfront Partnership Presents the Harbor Harvest


    Harbor Harvest

    catch of the day fish (2)Fall fun is all over the place this season, but you don’t need to go to the country to get your fill. While hay bales, pumpkin-picking, and cider-drinking are staples of the season, sometimes getting out of the city to find them can be more of a chore than is proper. This weekend, you can head right on down to the harbor and find all your fall must-dos right in the comfort of the city. On Sunday, October 19th, the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is bringing it all to us with its  7th Annual Harbor Harvest at West Shore Park.

    Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



    Get Up & Go!

    October is finally here! We can officially embrace (or boycott) all things pumpkin spice for the whole month! And of course, there are options for all, particularly with this perfect early fall weather to play with. For non-pumpkin themed fun, head to the 48th Annual Fells Point Fun Fest, which has plenty of offerings for kids and adults alike. There are dock tours and day sails on the Pride of Baltimore II available throughout the festival. So get your sea legs ready!

    If you’re looking to get out of the city (not via ship), try our favorite corn maze at Rodgers Farms where you can also pick a pumpkin, enjoy some fresh apple cider, take a hayride, and more. If that doesn’t get you close enough to your local farmer, head to Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard’s Grape Stomp Festival, where you can actually help stomp the grapes for this year’s wine (best stomper wins a prize, we hear).

    And finally, if you’re looking to get your shop on, be first in line when the doors fly open at Angel Park Multi-Brand Boutique in Fells Point (convenient for those already heading to Fun Fest). They’ll have in-store pop-up shops, giveaways, a styling bar, and more.

    Diablo Doughnuts



    catch of the day fish (2)Here’s yet another example of Baltimore’s increasing epicurean-ness. We’ve got a seriously gourmet old fashioned (yet hip) doughnut shop. We used to have to travel either up or down I-95 for a crazy-flavored doughnut (you know, something like maple & bacon, jalepeno-lime, or fruity pebbles). But no longer. Diablo Doughnuts have been cranking out hot, fresh, and thoughtfully flavored doughnuts for over a year now from deep in the heart of Towson (who knew, right?).

    Rodgers Farms Corn Maze, Pumpkins and More


     Corn Maze

    catch of the day fish (2)All corn mazes are pretty cool. That’s true. Even the most astute adult with an excellent sense of direction can find themselves genuinely lost inside of one, wandering for hours, trying to crack the code. But not all corn mazes are created equal. Some are cool, and others are just mind-blowingly amazing. Like, how do they design that? And then, how do they actually make it happen? And then, how can they be sure it will look so great from above? And then who is flying in a helicopter or whatever to take that amazing picture? And then, is that really what I’m wandering around, lost inside of? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but we do know where to find the coolest corn maze around.

    Baltimore Needs a Haunted House



    A group of folks who call themselves “Engineered Fear” are trying to raise funds to build a haunted house in Baltimore, not far from the Inner Harbor. It would be the city’s only fright-centric location; all the other halloween favorites are way out in Dundalk.

    These folks are serious about Halloween: