Cozy Cotton Blankets

Courtesty Inspired Habitat — There are some things that just go together – wine and cheese, chocolate and port, fall and blankets. As days turn cooler and nights get crisp, we naturally reach for cozy blankets and throws to ward off the chill. Sometimes all that’s needed is something light and soft, other times only the thickest, warmest of blankets will do. Outside or in, a cozy throw is comfortable, a little shot of nostalgia, and stylish as well. How to choose a fall blanket? We’ve got you covered.

Thicker blankets and throws, like those made from wool, are the warmest. The space between the fibers traps air, giving you a better layer of insulation. It’s the same reason why down is such an excellent layer of warmth. Softer, thinner blankets, like those made from cotton or bamboo fibers are ideal for layering, or when you just need a light layer to ward off the chill.

Natural fibers tend to wick moisture away from the skin, leaving a layer of warmer, drier air, so they tend to be cozier than synthetics. If wool allergies are a concern, opt for cotton or linen blankets. Down is a surprising choice for many allergy sufferers as well, use a duvet and clean both it and the comforter regularly and few people will have trouble with down.

Here are five of our fall favorites:

The ZigZag Matalesse Throw
Organic cotton, rich colors and chunky styling evoke vintage knits in this heavy throw that has excellent drape. Despite its weight, the knit is breathable, so it has that “just right” feel.

Rustic Linen Blanket
A layer of linen backed with super-soft, organic cotton flannel. The result is cozy, breathable, and simply fabulous for layering on the bed, or tossing on the couch. This is one throw that will take you fall through spring.

Cozy Cotton Blanket
Want a year-round blanket? Reach for organic cotton with the plush touch of chenille. Washed to create a subtle pucker texture, these blankets drape beautifully and have a casual, relaxed but elegant look.

Honeycomb Blanket
A lightweight jacquard weave in organic cotton gives these blankets subtle weight and a soft feel that’s perfect for wrapping up on the couch, or layering on the bed.

Striped Wool Throw
Dense, cozy wool is woven in a classic style for this heirloom quality piece. Rich, heavy, warm and heavy, but surprisingly soft and cuddly, these will take you from fall into the deepest winter.

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